Design of Personalized Online Education System of Forestry Science Based on Big Data Technology

  • Ling Zhang


With the advent of the information age, the cycle of knowledge updating of forestry science is
becoming shorter and shorter. How to make teaching and training of forestry science meet the
needs of people in different places and learning time, the traditional face-to-face education of
forestry science has been inadequate in this regard. In this case, modern distance education
came into being. Its advantage is that students can interact with teachers and complete learning
tasks when time and space are not unified. With the combination of computer aided instruction
(CAI) and Internet technology, online education based on Web has become a new trend in the
development of modern education. This paper takes the distance education system as an
example. In the work practice, according to the performance improvement needs of distance
education system. This paper uses web testing technology to obtain the mainstream network
equipment, network transmission bandwidth, system response, network load and other
information to comprehensively analyze and record the use of the system. In this paper, through
the analysis of the network test report, according to the report to develop the best network
optimization strategy. After the network is optimized, it is tested and optimized again to
improve the network performance. So as to provide a comprehensive, convenient, intuitive and
accurate test and optimization scheme for distance education network. The system can reduce
the heavy performance guarantee work caused by the continuous complexity of online education
network application, and provide convenience for online education application system.

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