The Artistic Path of Chang'an Painting School towards Life

  • Weigang Cui


The artistic path of the Chang'an Painting School towards life reflects the trend of "Pop" in the 20th century. Based on the new atmosphere and vividness of the time, its artistic creation is popularized with life as the core. Meanwhile, the Chang'an Painting School pays efforts to create literati painting with style of the current time for carrying forward the national tradition. The school has its own artistic proposition that is, "reaching out to tradition with one hand and reaching out to life with the other". The proposition advocates the creators to actively observe their life in an in-depth way and put their energy into diligent creation. The artistic path represented by Zhao Wangyun, Shi Lu and other predecessors calls for a return to simplicity and self-reliance in the tide of the times, achieving a transformation in the advancement of Chinese painting and artistic innovation. The artistic return of the Chang'an Painting School is a self-awareness of Chinese painting in the context of national culture.

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