Research on E-learning Scene Construction in Multimedia Service of Digital Library

  • Jia Fu, Li Shi, Zhanbo Liu, Shi Yan


In recent years, digital library as the library used multimedia technology to store, display and access to various books and information and the development and extension of the traditional library, has important functions in the era for high speed of information exchange. Broad market space has brought great opportunities for the development of digital library, but the accompanying problems remain to be resolved, and the new technology and theories related to the construction of digital library have become the research focus nowadays. Virtual reality technology, as the most advanced new technology in the field of computer science, can be used to transform the two-dimensional digital library and the plane document information into three-dimensional information, building a more realistic digital learning scene. In order to discuss the application prospect of virtual reality technology in digital library, the research firstly refers to relevant literature to study the significance and characteristics of the digital library and to study the definition, characteristics and types of virtual reality technology. And then virtual reality technology is used to design and construct the e-learning scene in digital library and carry out small range of trial. The users are interviewed to understand their feeling and evaluation of the learning system. The results show that the learning system is advanced and effective for construct the e-learning scene of digital library. Virtual reality technology can be popularized and developed in e-learning environment of digital library field in the future.

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