Relationship between Athletes' Phubbing and Team Cohesion: A Moderated Mediation Model

  • Li Zhang, Yuan Liu, Xu Du


In order to explore the relationship between phubbing and team cohesion and its mechanism of action, a questionnaire survey was conducted on 189 athletes with cell phone use experience using the Phubbing Questionnaire, the Team Cohesion Questionnaire, the Relationship Satisfaction Scale and the Anxiety attachment personality scale under group contextual factors. The results showed that: (1) athletes' phubbing negatively predicted team cohesion; (2) phubbing predicted team cohesion through the mediation of relationship satisfaction; and (3) relationship satisfaction was moderated by anxiety attachment personality. Specifically, athletes with high anxiety attachment personality had a greater predictive effect on team cohesion compared to athletes with low anxiety attachment personality. The results of this study can help to reveal the mechanism of phubbing in athletes' team cohesion, and have implications for the construction of team cohesion in athletes.

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