Evaluation of Influencing Factors of China's Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions

  • Yunqing Ji, Zhonglin Sheng, Jiongming Zhang, Xiaoliang Li


Energy systems are the largest source of carbon emissions in a country or region. As the reform started, Chinese increasing economic growth has also brought about a vigorous increase in energy consumption and total carbon emissions. As a developing country, Chinese government has always acted the important part of a responsible major country, and has carried out fruitful work in promoting international emission reduction cooperation and controlling domestic emission intensity. This paper wants to figure out that industrial energy activities are the main source of emissions in the energy system. Hence, studying the carbon emissions caused by industrial combustion of energy is of great significance for using to formulate policies to reduce emissions policies. The conclusions indicate that the growth of total economic output, low energy utilization efficiency and coal-based energy consumption structure are the primary reasons for the substantial growth in carbon emissions in China. Accelerating technological progress, adjusting industrial and energy structure, and developing clean energy power generation to improve energy utilization efficiency and transform energy consumption structure can effectively reduce industrial carbon emissions.

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