Research on Credit Management in China from the Perspective of Data Information Technology

  • Hongrui Dai


Credit management is an exploration of information society governance in China, which presents the technical dimension of governance tool innovation empowered by information technology and the normative dimension of seeking legalization under the concept of rule of law. However, due to the lack of awareness of the relationship between information technology and credit laws and the insufficient development of the regulatory mechanism reform space brought by information technology, social subjects including the government, accompanied by concerns about personal information protection, have caused disputes. The relationship between data information technology and credit law should be reconstructed in China's credit management. Specifically, in the technical dimension, the government's information capacity should be strengthened from the collection, interaction and application of credit information. In the normative dimension, the perspective of legal regulation should be changed based on the basic characteristics of digital technology, the certainty of law enforcement should be enhanced based on information technology to increase deterrence, the prediction function of big data should be highlighted to adjust the focus of regulation from post-disciplinary to pre-intervention and shaping, and the publicity orientation of personal information should be deepened to realize the necessary treatment of personal information by credit management.

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