Vehicle Bottom Image Enhancement Method Based on Improved PM Equation

  • Yingfu Cai, Xiaoyang Yu


Aiming at the fuzzy effect caused by filtering in neighborhood enhancement algorithm, this paper improves the PM equation and proposes a new enhancement method by using improved PM equation. The anisotropic diffusion characteristic of PM equation is particularly conducive to the preservation of edges and details in the process of image enhancement. Firstly, an improved PM equation based on fractional order is constructed, which has better anisotropic diffusion characteristics. Secondly, aiming at the improved PM equation, reasonably configuring parameters and setting new boundary conditions, an effective accurate solution method of the equation is designed. Finally, the enhancement effect of the new method is experimentally studied. The final results show that after image enhancement method based on the improved PM equation, the contrast is significantly promoted, image details are clear and complete, and PSNR of the enhanced image is also significantly improved.

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