A Study on Cultivating National Consciousness in Foreign Language Education

  • Runhua Wang


National consciousness is an important part of national cultural soft power as well as a reflection and embodiment of a country's comprehensive national strength, with strong cohesion and appeal. National consciousness emphasizes citizens' sense of ownership, such as their recognition and responsibility for and their pride of the country. Cultivating national consciousness is not only the requirement of the new era and the basic task of education in the new era, but also the requirement of the foreign language discipline itself. The cultivation of national consciousness in foreign language education should follow the basic principle of "two unifications", that is, the unification of the cultivation of national consciousness with the cultivation of international vision and with the cultivation of cross-cultural ability and critical thinking ability. Meanwhile, we should adhere to the cultivation approach of "two combinations", that is, the combination of classroom education and extracurricular practice, and the combination of education at home and education abroad, so as to implement the fundamental task of fostering virtue through education.

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