Development Trend of Ecological and Green Visual Communication Design Education in the New Era

  • Jian Rao, Jingwen Huang


In recent years, green design has experienced rapid development, but also exposed a series of problems such as high cost, lack of humanization, low recycling rate and so on. For these drawbacks, designers have an unavoidable responsibility. This paper analyzes the existing problems in green design. From the change of design thinking, the eco-friendly design method is explored. In this paper, the design from material selection to production, and then to the recovery of the whole process of overall consideration, follow the principle of reduction, reuse, recycling. The content of visual communication design can be roughly classified. According to their own characteristics, the best design scheme is selected. Through the application of different media, replace the high pollution, high consumption of paper printing. It is proposed that the large-scale promotion of environmental protection materials can be realized by simplifying the quantity and types of materials. At the same time, this paper expounds the implementation method of green design education in art design education in Colleges and universities. This paper fully analyzes the purpose and value of green design education from the curriculum and content, teaching methods, the specific implementation of teaching effect evaluation and evaluation. The results show that promoting sustainable development of green education can cultivate students' creativity, innovation and creative ability. A perfect green design education system and a correct concept of ecological civilization can be established.

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Jian Rao, Jingwen Huang. (2021). Development Trend of Ecological and Green Visual Communication Design Education in the New Era. Forest Chemicals Review, 73 -.