Application of BIM Technology in Prefabricated Green Building Construction Management

  • Fan Guohui, Du Yuanyaun


Increasing the research on BIM Technology of prefabricated energy-saving green building construction can promote the process of prefabricated green construction in the construction industry. Firstly, this paper analyzes the characteristics of prefabricated housing and BIM green construction. Secondly, BIM Technology is applied to the design and processing of prefabricated components in prefabricated residential design. In this paper, a family library of prefabricated components is established, which can improve the design accuracy of prefabricated components and assist to realize lean production. BIM Technology improves the design efficiency from four aspects: preliminary planning, scheme design, scheme deepening and collaborative design. Combined with the relevant characteristics of BIM Technology, this paper discusses the role of BIM Technology in the first two aspects of prefabricated residential green construction. The test results show that the application of BIM Technology in the design and construction of prefabricated housing can not only improve the design efficiency, but also greatly improve the green construction of buildings.

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Fan Guohui, Du Yuanyaun. (2021). Application of BIM Technology in Prefabricated Green Building Construction Management. Forest Chemicals Review, 23 -.