Efficiency Evaluation Model of Students' Outdoor Taichi Training Based on Supervised Learning

  • Wang Youjun


Taichi has a long history and spread widely in China. It has played an important role in maintaining human health. This paper studies the efficiency evaluation model of students' outdoor Taichi training based on supervised learning. This paper expounds the key points and importance of sports health preservation through the collation of sports health preservation related literature, the comparison between traditional sports methods and modern sports methods, and the interpretation of knowledge and practice Taichi. This paper analyzes the influence of Taichi on the total score of body symptoms. Based on supervised learning algorithm, this paper compares Taichi with modern sports and irregular sports, studies the effect of Taichi on body conditioning, and puts forward an evaluation model of Taichi training efficiency. The results obtained in this paper lay a theoretical foundation for the promotion of knowledge and practice Taichi, and provide data reference for the establishment of Taichi training efficiency.

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Wang Youjun. (2021). Efficiency Evaluation Model of Students’ Outdoor Taichi Training Based on Supervised Learning. Forest Chemicals Review, 306-313. https://doi.org/10.17762/jfcr.vi.213