The Development of Medical Education Under 5G Technology

  • Xiaolei Yang,, Guangming Lan


This paper studies the development of medical education under 5g technology, and explores a new mixed teaching mode under the background of medical reform based on 5g network technology and competency. This paper supports students' real-time streaming media and real-time online interaction in the form of multipoint and multi terminal, and carries out a series of medical integration education courses based on 5G network. In addition, formative assessment is conducted after each class. A comprehensive evaluation system is formed through feedback reflection guidance and summative evaluation in the last class. This can help students improve their core competitiveness. The results show that 5G network provides experienced data rate and meets the bandwidth requirements of downlink and uplink throughput in the course. The formative assessment and feedback cycle supported by 5G network can be used on the platform to predict medical students' learning habits and scores more quickly and accurately, which is helpful to improve the quality of education and teaching. The realization of medical education through 5G network technology is a new exploration of teaching mode. It can not only improve the learning initiative and enthusiasm of medical students, but also cultivate and improve the core competence of medical students.

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Xiaolei Yang, Guangming Lan. (2021). The Development of Medical Education Under 5G Technology. Forest Chemicals Review, 264-272.