A New "Offline + Online" Teaching Model of College English Based on Cloud Computing

  • Wenzheng Wei


Cloud computing is a new platform for Contemporary College Students' English education. It is based on the construction of theory, cooperative learning and learning community, and is of great help to improve the quality of College Students' English teaching. This paper analyzes and discusses the College English teaching model based on cloud computing. The ecological teaching mode based on cloud computing platform combines cloud computing with ecological teaching concept, which can help teachers abandon the traditional filling teaching mode. The platform can support autonomous learning and meet the requirements of students' personality development. The experimental results show that cloud computing has good openness and sharing. Through cloud computing, the "co construction, sharing and sharing" of high-quality teaching resources can be realized. This method can achieve the balance of educational resources and inject new vitality into the traditional means of College English teaching.

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Wenzheng Wei. (2021). A New "Offline + Online" Teaching Model of College English Based on Cloud Computing. Forest Chemicals Review, 255-263. https://doi.org/10.17762/jfcr.vi.207