Application of Low Carbon Environmental Protection Concept in Clothing Material Design

  • Meng Niu


With green, low-carbon and other environmental protection concepts gradually popular, the
field of fashion design should also actively apply the concept of environmental protection to
design. In the ecological era, everything is required to follow the law of sustainable
development, so the concept of green design emerges as the times require. Most of the raw
materials of traditional clothing are petroleum products, which will bring a lot of textile raw
materials, waste and water pollution in the process of clothing production. This paper expounds
that the clothing industry must change the previous basic concepts of design concept and
production mode, and points out the way of low-carbon sustainable development of the clothing
industry. The empirical research shows that: clothing designers should design and manufacture
clothing by using a large number of natural environment-friendly fabrics, low dye and
"recycled" fiber weaving fabrics. In clothing material design, we should vigorously promote the
concept of environmental protection, and actively guide consumers to improve their
understanding of environmental protection fiber clothing. Through the design of creative
concept clothing, it can stimulate people's desire to love life, hope to live in harmony with
nature, and convey the concept of environmental protection to consumers. In order to reduce the
waste of resources effectively, we should develop new clothes. We should design "zero waste"
and "wear more than one garment" clothing to improve the utilization rate of fabric.

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