Effect of High Intensity Basketball on Skeletal Muscle Fatigue in Field Jungle Training

  • Jianhui Wu, Jingjing Fu


Field jungle training is a part of field sports. It is competitive and challenging, and puts forward
higher requirements for human body function.In the process of modern basketball special
technical training, the key is the training of body sensitivity, coordination, balance ability,
aerobic endurance, muscle strength and movement speed. In this study, 20 students of basketball
specialized class in physical education department were selected as the experimental objects,
and the experimental objects were randomly divided into two groups. The two groups were
playing high-intensity basketball in the field. The experimental group was intervened by core
strength training, and the control group was intervened by traditional strength training. In the
early stage, middle stage and late stage of field training, the index test was completed
respectively, and the research results of the experimental group and the control group were
compared and analyzed. Experimental research shows that: the two forces can not be separated,
and no single force can exist. Relatively speaking, core strength training recruits more muscles
to participate in, while traditional strength training has stronger pertinence and less muscle

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