Biochemical Index Monitoring of Sprinters' Pre-Competition Training Load in Forest and Functional State

  • Hu Bin


In order to analyze and compare the changes of biochemical indexes of Sprinters in pre
competition training in forest , this paper studies the biochemical indexes of Sprinters' pre
competition training load in forest and functional state with sprinters preparing for track and
Field Championships as the research object. In order to evaluate the rationality and scientificity
of pre competition training load and functional state, the biochemical indexes such as
hemoglobin (HB), serum creatine kinase (CK), blood urea (BU) and serum testosterone (T)
were tested and monitored during 8-week pre competition training. The results show that during
the whole pre competition training period, the T value of male and female athletes decreased
first and then increased steadily, which was at a high level before the competition. Therefore,
the high-intensity special technical training is the main reason for the significant decrease of HB
value of sprinters. Special quality training, especially strength training, is easy to cause the CK
activity of sprinters to increase significantly. Large amount of special quality training is the
main reason for the increase of Bu value of sprinters. From the analysis of Bu value changes of
female athletes in the whole training stage, female athletes are not suitable for the coach's
training plan and need to be adjusted. The athlete’s value is at a high level before the
competition, which shows a good training effect.

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