On the Role of Wechat Big Data in Covid-19 Prevention and Control in Communities

  • Chengzhu He


According to research, big data was born in the 1990s, the technology is popular because of its 4V function, now has infiltrated into all aspects of people’s production, life and work, and will become an important foundation for future innovation, competitiveness and productivity. Practice has proved that big data governance is an important means of social governance. How to make full use of big data tests the modernization of governance system and capacity of organizations at all levels. The main goal of this paper is to study how big data is applied to all aspects of social life. Through research, mathematical statistics and other methods, the prevention and control measures of COVID-19 outbreak since the end of 2019 show that Wechat big data can provide accurate information on the physical status, contact information, geographical location, whereabouts and other aspects of the residents in the area for community epidemic prevention through information collection and authentication. This fully proves that Wechat big data is the first line of joint prevention and control of the epidemic, as well as the most effective defense against imported and spread of the epidemic. Firmly guarding the line of defense in the community can effectively cut off the channels for the spread of the epidemic, and building this line of defense cannot do without Wechat big data.

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