Promotion Path of College Teachers' Educational and Teaching Ability under the Background of Educational Informatization

  • Shi Lu


Teaching is a bilateral activity between teachers and students mediated by knowledge, skills and ethics. In this activity, the core that affects the role of teachers is their educational and teaching ability. This paper expounds the effect composition of teaching activities and defines the nature of education and teaching ability. This paper analyzes the dynamic process in teaching activities and puts forward the core factors that help to improve teachers' teaching ability. Exploring teachers' teaching ability is not only conducive to improving the education and teaching level of post service teachers, but also of great significance to construct the ability structure of pre service teachers. This paper puts forward some suggestions on establishing a special teacher professional development organization to provide training and consulting services for the development of teachers' education and teaching ability. At the same time, this paper encourages the establishment of a mechanism to encourage teachers to improve their education and teaching ability, improve grass-roots teaching organizations, and improve the "mentoring" mechanism of old, middle-aged and young teachers. Finally, this paper proposes that we should rely on the "undergraduate teaching project" to comprehensively improve the education and teaching ability of college teachers..

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